Tuesday, February 15, 2011

SFAA Trailer Shoot

(All photos by Geoffrey Hauschild)

We first shot in Akron for the Brad Warner documentary. Noah Cicero and Jordan Castro met up for the Zero Defex show. I showed them a rough trailer for THE HUMAN WAR.

Randy Blythe from LAMB OF GOD came out to support ZERO DEFEX during the show. He even got up to sing a few songs.

After shooting in Akron, we went to Solon, Ohio to begin filming a trailer for SHOPLIFTING FROM AMERICAN APPAREL (SFAA). Here is a shot of Andrew Crighton and TJ Hellmuth inspecting a camera before shooting one of the opening scenes for the trailer.

James Roehl and Brad Warner contemplate the screen as we shoot one of the first scenes in SFAA.

Noah Cicero lays out his lines on the table in front of him to help him get through the scene.

After several days of shooting, we began to watch dailies at night. As you can see, we were all pretty exhausted. I don't even think Jordan is awake in these pictures.

Andrew Crighton (Director of Photography) adjusts lighting for a scene in SFAA.

James Roehl and Andrew Crighton during an opening scene in SFAA. James found a ukulele lying around.

(More pics in the coming days. We'll have the trailer up on Kickstarter for donations by March 1, 2011.)

Friday, February 4, 2011


Dear Friends, Crew Members, Investors, and Actors,

We are making progress towards filming SHOPLIFTING FROM AMERICAN APPAREL.

Brian Lee (animator) is working on the powerpoint and making all our skins to avoid copyright issues for anything shot in-screen for SFAA. Drew will be shooting a test to make sure we get no flash lines for the opening scene on camera.

Jeffrey Brown (cartoonist) has sent the uncolored poster for SFAA. It's pretty fabulous. He has also volunteered to send original drawings of the trees and porno images to auction and help us raise funds, etc.

Steven Andrew has gotten up the new refurbished Sangha Films website (see below).

Things are going really well.

If we all keep plowing forward, and make a solid push at this virtual fundraising campaign, we will have a full-fledged movie on our hands come June.

Here is a rough schedule of what will be happening in February:

2/9 - Shoot Brad talking about his life in Akron and film the rock show at THE MATINEE with Zero Defex for BRAD WARNER: THE ENLIGHTENIZER.

2/10 - Shoot opening scene (YouTubeClip) and LOTR debate scene at Jordon's house in Solon. Afterwards in the late evening, we can film some improvs dealing with the "fundraising" portion of our extended trailer.

2/11 - Shoot gmail chat sequences with Brad at Jordan's house or a house in Youngstown that could pass as a NYC apartment.

2/12 - Shoot James in gmail chat sequence at Noah's house, and then shoot Noah doing a Q&A outside; possibly shoot at abandoned factory.

Chat with more details soon,