Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Film Updates


We are weeks away from a final cut of the film. We have submitted works in progress to several film festivals already, including Sundance, Slamdance, and Ashland Film Festival. We will be submitting to dozens of other festivals in the coming months.

A theatrical trailer and updated Sangha Films website with relevant content will be up by the end of December. We will have two premieres for the film in Ohio and NYC in March/April. We will have exact dates as the months come closer.


Things went well for our shoots for our documentary on Zen Buddhist teacher Brad Warner. We will shoot later this month in NYC. Then we'll try and do an Akron shoot in January. (Anyone want to help in Akron for the shoot?)

LATEST - Brad and I are working on 4-6 faux commercials for "Enlightenizer!" that will appear periodically throughout the documentary. We will potentially film the brunt of this in LA, but film Brad's segments as the over-the-top spiritual teacher (Gumbo Roshi style) in NYC to save on costs. Of course, we are still probably two months away from shooting the commercials. Still, we may be able to finish shooting for the doc by February.


LA - shooting B-roll of Hollywood Blvd with Josh - Nov. 30th - 9am
NYC - walk & talk; interview with Moby - Dec 17-20, 2010.
Akron, OH - Zero Defex Show and walk & talk near childhood home - TBA???
Commercials - LA ???


Shikow Productions and iLikeNirvana Films are slowly coming to life.

Once the websites are fully complete, I will begin taking investments for Shoplifting from everyone who wants to contribute. Right now I'm just dealing with friends and donations.

Investments raised thus far: $7,800.00
Goal: $30,000.00

My guesstimate is that we will be filming in Los Angeles from June 6 - June 20th. We will have a clearer picture of exact dates by March.

Chat more after Thanksgiving!


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